Suggested Themes:

* Pain Management with Ayurveda

· Pain in GI disorders
· Pain in locomotor system
· Pain in Neurological conditions
· Pain in ENT and Dentistry


* Pain Management methods

· Panchkarma
· Marma Chikitsa
· Agni Karma
· Viddhagni Karma


* Life style disorders

· Cancer and Ayurveda
· Cardiac diseases and Ayurveda
· Skin disease and Ayurveda And other related topic


Scholars invited for presentations of paper on applied Research on any subject of their choice.

Submit for your abstract here:

Please ensure that your abstract is in .doc or .dox format containing 200 or less words.
Submit your abstract in English language only.
Maximum file size for upload is 8 MB.


Methods of presentation of papers:

Participants willing to present papers may send abstract within 200 words for approval. They must send abstract in MS Word File. Scientific committee will approve the abstract / papers and the decision of scientific committee will be final. Upon approval of abstract participant will be given one months time to submit final & complete paper. Those who are willing to present paper/papers must register as delegate.

Last Date for Submission of Abstract: 21st January, 2019 and

Date of Abstract Acceptance is 21st January 2019 

Abstract / paper can also be attached online with registration.